So what is Quoakle?


It’s the innovative, graphical, UK Web Directory – providing a quick link to local websites.

The first part to be launched in September 2006 was the Gloucestershire Directory


Quoakle’s innovative, online directory isn’t text-based but graphical. It uses colourful logos and images to connect users, quickly and easily, with a large number of local websites. Conveniently organised into counties, topics and categories, Quoakle helps you see at a glance exactly what you want.


For example if you live in Gloucestershire, and you want to find someone to landscape your garden, Quoakle provides a quick and convenient way to help you find the business you are looking for:
1. Just go to the Quoakle web site,
2. Select the county you are in.
3. Click the Gardening button.
4. Find the landscaping category to see a selection of businesses in your area that can provide the service you need.

Clicking on each logo or image takes you directly to the company’s web site.
A business may appear in several different categories, or even several different counties.

The key idea behind Quoakle is community – connecting local people with local businesses.

Quoakle is now covering over 60 different counties, including Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Bristol and Avon, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

Quoakle – the graphical directory … the quick link to local websites. Connecting local people with local businesses quickly and easily through the Internet.

A simple search solution!