Quoakle – the graphical directory

Quoakle - the graphical directory

In August 2006, Gloucestershire Head Teacher, Nigel Steele was working on his computer when he was inspired with an idea that is changing the way people search for information on the web.

The graphical directory started with the idea that an imaged-based presentation of information -organised simply on one screen page – could be a new and exciting way of searching for information. Colourful logos and images could be used to connect consumers, quickly and easily, with a large number of local websites, just through the simple click of the mouse.

The initial ideas were developed around the setting up of a gardening directory providing links to a wide range of gardening businesses in one county – Gloucestershire. Very quickly it was realised that these ideas could be developed across a diverse selection of topics such as restaurants, pets,
weddings … and also county by county. And so Quoakle – the graphical directory was born!


Restaurant Directories

Building on the expertise gained through the development of Quoakle‘s easy-to-use local business directory, the team launched a series of restaurant directories in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties. We used exact match domain names in order to be found easily on search engines such as Google.

Great Days Out

During Autumn 2013, the Quoakle team created the graphical Days Out Directory for families – Great Days Out in the UK.

The team was again drawing on the valuable exerience gained through the development of its easy-to-use local business directory – Quoakle.
As with the Restaurant Directories, an exact match domain name was used in order to be found easily on search engines such as Google and Bing: