Quoakle on the iPad

One of the more difficult things to get right with web design is the multiple browsers you need to configure for. Some of the layout can be cleverly fixed to interpret the environment that it is being viewed on, but certain other features are browser-specific, which often leads to websites looking slightly different (and/or), displaying errors when on certain devices. One of the ways that is most difficult to get right is one iOS, the mobile operating system for Apple. This features on iPhones along with iPads. Interestingly, these devices have two main web browsers: the default, Apple Safari as well as the optional extra, Google Chrome. There are others, but these make up the majority of the hits from iOS devices.

On both of these browsers, Flash is disabled and so an importance to keep things HTML5 themed is essential – especially when it comes to animation and technical additions. That’s why we have worked so hard to keep Quoakle completely limitless. Whichever browser you use on whichever device, we have worked hard to ensure it not only works, but looks great too. The iPad is the perfect testament to this.

If you visit the Quaokle UK Web Directory on an iPad, you will see the beauty of the site in a very real way. For those unfamiliar with the design and navigation of the iOS, square Apps are selected by touching them, which then open. The nature and design of Quoakle works in a similar way – which makes it fit in nicely with the feel of the iPad experience.

After selecting a location within Quoakle, you are presented with a number of highly-colourful app-like links that correspond to the various topics applicable to that given region. Once you select an option, it opens in a colourful grid of helpful links to help you find the thing you are looking for.

Quoakle is continually working to ensure that the UK Web Directory is up to date with modern technologies. Even with the introduction of the new iPhone screen size with the iPhone 5, the Quaokle website works beautifully. Using the taller screen hasn’t effected the way in

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