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Make Your Facebook Page Pop

One thing that is clearly here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future) is Facebook. You would have to work extremely hard to find someone who didn’t know what Facebook was. In one of our prior articles, we discussed … Continue reading

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The Staying Power of Facebook

Accordingly to the population of the planet, divided by the current number of people on Facebook – every one in nine people on the planet is a member. Crazy. That’s a lot of members. And with Facebook’s recent step into … Continue reading

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Other Useful SEO Tips

Here’s a few things that I’ve thought about while writing this that you should take a look over as they’ve all helpful The theory of first link priority Google Panda Webinar http://www.passiveprofiteer.com/google-panda-webinar-by-guerilla/ Majestic SEO – Backlink research tool (free to … Continue reading

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Offsite Optimisation

This is easily the most important aspect of SEO as far as I’m concerned. Even with Google moving further down the line of social indicators on which to base it’s results, these are still off-site aspects and should therefore receive … Continue reading

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Directory Submissions and Article Submissions

Directory Submissions In this category I’m talking about low quality spammier directories rather than very high quality directories like DMOZ, Yahoo and Yell.com. Directory submissions are pretty low in terms of relevance and authority but they’re definitely good for link … Continue reading

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Blog Comments and Social Bookmarks

Blog Comments These are links created with anchor text being taken from the “name” you enter when you place a comment on someone else’s blog. Typically low value links as far as Google is concerned as they place less value … Continue reading

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Domain Name, Localisation and Targeting

Domain The domain is obviously a hugely important aspect of a website and can be high or low on someone’s priorities depending on the competition of a market. Although there is talk of it’s current weighting being downgraded by Google, … Continue reading

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