Top Twitter Tools

Twitter can make a great business tool – if you know how to use it.

Many of the third-party Twitter applications transform the way it can be used, and some of these are especially useful if you are working for a business. Here are ten of the best Twitter tools.




Hootsuite is an application that enables you to manage your Twitter accounts using a team approach, connecting different profiles to one main Twitter account.

You can tweet to numerous accounts whilst being logged onto to just one and also allocate permissions to different users in your team.

The application includes a range of analytics, which helps measure the businesses’ influence by logging the clicks per day (CPD) on your various Twitter accounts. It will also log the locations of visitors, as well as the referring websites.

If you like Hootsuite, you may also like CoTweet, which is very similar.




This is a popular desktop app which is great for organising your tweets, as a business or individual user. It allows you to connect to multiple user accounts and also syncs with Facebook automatically.

You can organise the layout, add groups, save searches and generally customise the app for your use.



GroupTweet is a useful tool that enables you to set up groups who you can tweet to privately. Whether you’re a small business, a team of employees or even a large organisation,  you can set your tweets to be published to who you choose.




If you use Microsoft Outlook, TwInbox is a very helpful tool that integrates Twitter and your Inbox.

TwInbox allows you to organise your tweets, similarly to how you can organise your incoming emails, as well as update your status and receive updates from people you’re following.



The new wave of smartphones allows both businesses and consumers to tweet on the move. This app is for iPhone, and offers the functionality of a tool like Tweetdeck on the move.

However, iPhone users are required to pay a small charge for the functionality, but for the fee you get an iPhone style look and feel as well as the ability to use multiple accounts. For a less shiny app you also have choices like Twitterfon and the mobile version of Tweetdeck.

If a you are a business user with a BlackBerry, there are Twitter apps such as TwitterBerry that you can use. Other phones may their own Twitter clients that you can look up through a quick Google search.TweetGrid

Imagine those science-fiction movies where somebody watches multiple TV monitors on a grid to see exactly what is happening everywhere in the world.

TweetGrid basically works on the same principle, but instead of screens, you’re looking at Twitter updates. The web application allows you to search up to nine terms in real-time, in effect creating a monitoring dashboard.

Many clients such as Tweetdeck already allow you to do multiple searches, but with TweetGrid you don’t need to download anything or use a Twitter login.

It searches for up to nine different conversations, topics, events, hashtags, phrases, people or groups in real-time.