One of the biggest steps forward in social media in the last year or two has been the increase in graphical sharing. Facebook and Twitter both worked hard to enable phones to “snap and share” in the quickest and most effective ways possible. The result? A more visual view into our peers and friends status updates. iTunes App store’s 2011 app of the year was Instagram. Instagram took this new technology and made an entire social network based around it. Instagram is completely based around the photos that users can post. You can tag them, tag people and add cool filters to otherwise-mondain-looking-photos. There’s a popular section (generated by a complex and ever-evolving algorithm that many a user has tried to guess in months gone by) for showcasing the best of the best. The most exciting development for Instagram was when celebrities signed up to it. With the likes of Tony Hawk and Zooey Deschanel jumping in on the action, people quickly saw this as a fantastic way to share images from their world.

And the beauty of it all? It can post to Twitter and Facebook directly.

The biggest drawback is the lack of cross-platform compatability. Currently the only official platform comes on iPhone only. Many custom sites have been created to view Instagram feeds (for example, webstagram, but the only real way to upload is a) get and iPhone and b) take some photos!

The likelyhood of Instagram growing is inevitable and founded. With less than 2 million users in January 2011, Instagram boasted a rough total of 15 million users in January 2012 (view sources). However, for Instagram to hit the bigger numbers with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, it is going to need to consider other audiences outside of Apple. Unless it’s secretly run by Apple. It’s possible. I know people who have bought iPhones based on the ability to use Instagram. I should point out that we have no evidence to suggest it is run by Apple. That was a joke.

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