Symbaloo: Start simple. That’s the tagline for this unsung hero of the web browsing experience.

We love symbaloo, it’s basically a luanch-pad for your web browsing experience. Yes, yes, we know – Google has already bordered this terrain and has held every other technology hostage at the mercy of it’s mighty site. We are aware of that (we’re, of course, talking about Google Dashboard there). But we particularly appreciate symbaloo because of it’s simplicity and the little icons that you can create.

You can essentially create a grid of handy links. Imagine a visual bookmarks system, if you will. We particularly like to the icons on this site – does it remind you of any other website that uses similar icons to help you find what you are looking for? ring any bells? Very cool.

Sure symbaloo doesn’t actually help with any SEO issues, but it does enable fast and easy website navigation – which is an indirect tool to helping your SEO.

So if you are looking for an alternative way to bookmark your favourite sites when you open up our web browser, don’t overlook symbaloo – it may just surprise you! Check it out at:

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