Make Your Facebook Page Pop

One thing that is clearly here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future) is Facebook. You would have to work extremely hard to find someone who didn’t know what Facebook was. In one of our prior articles, we discussed the importance of Facebook in the arena of business – and especially websites.

It has become common practice to have a web presence for a business whether you are an Internet based company, or not. But in some cases now, having a website isn’t enough – you need Social Network presence. And you may as well go in at the top. It’s free to use, so why not utilise the Facebook Page tool.

Assuming you already knew all that, and have a fantastic Facebook Page, this article is about making your Facebook Page into something special. Something that really increases the “likes” and the connectivity is simply the way in which the page looks. So here’s a few things to get you started:

1. Use your Facebook Page. Too many people will create a Facebook page for their business and forget about it. It’s easy to do, but there is a lot of missed opportunity in that. Simply talking about something other than your products will go a LONG way. Engage your audience. “Did you see the World Cup Final last night?” or “what would you do if you a couple of million?”. The more people see your icon on their screen, the better reputation you are likely to get. Which brings us to….

2. You Profile picture. Any single teenager will tell you how important the profile picture is. They say first impressions are important, well, in all likelihood, for Facebook – your profile picture is your first impression to someone on Facebook. What to put there, though? To be honest, just be aware of it’s value. Different Pages will obviously suit different profile images. But the safest (and most expected – which is good) is going to be your logo. Not very exciting? Don’t worry – that’s where the next bit come in.

3. Your Facebook Cover. New to Facebook in 2012 was the addition of the timeline cover. This is a giant image about everything else on your profile. This is perfect for decorating your page. There are guidelines as to what you can and cannot put in there. Contact details are out, as are prices and offers. You can get away with logo’s and, of course, a custom image is perfect. Do something that is going to eye-catching and useful. Demonstrate your products through it.

4. Blurbs. Never under-estimate the about paragraph under your profile picture on your page. Sure, the average user may ignore it OR it’s exactly where they go to find contact details and learn exactly what your business is about. Be concise, but be as informative as possible here. Leaving it blank is a massive waste.

5. Carefully pick your tabs. Next to the about blurb are four boxes. These are elements to your page. You can add as many as you like here, but on the selected first four appear in the first view (you can click expand to see the rest). You start out with photos, likes and a few others. These are useful, but you can also add new ones. Including Youtube or even an embedded website (with a little coding knowledge). There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet on how to get additional tabs. But it’s worth checking out, if only to keep things fresh on your Page.

6. Similarly as we said at step 1, there is value in updating your page regularly. One of the great ways to do this is (what they call) milestones. Make the most of this feature. Every time you achieve a company goal or produce a new product, make it a milestone! It enables everyone following you to see it and gives you the chance to stick a great-big image the size of the cover on people’s timeline. Perfect advertising space if you ask me!

7. Pins. No we’re not switching to Pinerest (not in this article, anyway) – but if you are particularly proud of something that has would up on your page timeline, pin it. Pinning it keeps the item at the top of the timeline. You can pin something to the top for a maximum of a week. But if you are REALLY proud of something, you can re-pin the same thing as soon as that week expires. Choose carefully though, as you don’t want people thinking that you haven’t updated your page when they see the first post!!

Hopefully that’s given you a little bit of insight into the possible uses of the Facebook Page. Happy Liking!

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