Last week we talked about how important it is to keep the loading speeds for a website as low as possible – we talked about various methods of ensuring your site loads quickly and easily – but there is one thing we didn’t look at – how to analyse your site to begin with.

If you are building, or have built, a website – sometimes your own loading time can be deceptive. Partly because your browser would have cached some of the images and information before and partly because if you are building a website – chances are, you have a decent connection speed.


So. What to do?


That’s where Pingdom comes in. Pingdom is a free online tool that tests you loading speed and gives you a breakdown of what loads when and how long it takes. Better yet, it does it from random locations around the world, giving you a good cross-section of your viewers. For example, if we type in into Pingdom – it tells us that the website loads in 2.06 seconds and is 68% faster than all websites tested. That’s helpful – but the clever breakdown of the individual elements on the page is extremely helpful for you to analyse what needs changing!

So give it a try – it’s free!


22 Tips To Speed Up WordPress Site Performance –

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