Internet Traffic from RSS Feeds

Obtaining Internet traffic can seem quite an overwhelming and difficult task. But it’s all down to knowing which SEO tools and tricks you are able to utilise successfully.

It is complete do-able and one of the best tools, that is sometimes underplayed is RSS feeds. Perhaps you’ve heard of RSS, perhaps not. It stands for Really Simple Syndication. Its like making a feed of content. Imagine Twitter but for websites and podcasts. People find an RSS and subscribe to it, then when new information is posted, they get it automatically. Clever stuff.

But what about Internet Traffic From RSS Feeds for your Website?

Here’s the simple steps to integrating an RSS feed to your site.

1.      Create a feed for your static website using

2.      Post the feed URL (from Feedity) to the feed aggregator site

You only need to use Feedity if you have a static web-page. For blogs, you go straight to step 2. Simply take the RSS feed URL using the little orange button on your blog.

What now? How does RSS SEO work?

There’s a number of things to keep in mind:

1.      Google loves RSS! As most marketers are not using RSS feeds or these traffic tactics, they must be being used by real visitors! Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for us who are driving traffic and wanting it to look as natural as possible.

2.      Google loves blogs! And, since blogs have RSS feeds built in, the two go together. You can get Google to love you by building a blog and using the RSS feeds!

3.      RSS feeds are hardly known as a traffic tactic

How can I utilise this ?

The best way? Set-up a network of blogs and use aggregators, such as Feedagg, to get new links every time you make a post to the blog.
That may be time consuming, but it won’t cost you a penny – but it does keep Google up to date with your site.
Plus, you will soon become an expert in this under-used traffic method.

Go on, give it a try. It’s free and easy to do!

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