Domain Name, Localisation and Targeting


The domain is obviously a hugely important aspect of a website and can be high or low on someone’s priorities depending on the competition of a market.

Although there is talk of it’s current weighting being downgraded by Google, an exact match domain still receives a pretty sizeable bonus compared to keyword-rich domains and branded domains.

This is much more apparent in lower competition markets but if available, I would always chose an exact match domain.

For our ugg boots website, we believe that we’ve received a huge benefit from our exact match and keyword rich domains.

Just to clarify, here are examples when trying to rank for “blue widgets” are your primary phrase:

Exact match: (most bonus)
Keyword rich:,, (some bonus) Branded domain: (no bonus)


A Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) e.g. or will never rank naturally highly in their non-native markets but for generic TLDs, you have the option to specify which country you’d like to target.

This can be done via webmaster tools and should be chosen based on your keyword research and the product/service being promoted.


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