Design Trends

While it may not be directly associated with SEO, the design and feel for a website does play a big part in how likely a user is to stay on your site. If the website looks like it was built in the medieval days – people aren’t gonna stick around for long. However, if the website is fashionable and easy to use – then the user is likely to stay… In some cases even when they aren’t necessarily interested in th product you are offering.

We’re over half way through 2012 now (crazy huh?!), so now is a good time to go think over some of the new trends that we have seen this year in web design. Bu the big point of this is to teach us how to identify the ones that are likely to stick from the ones that are fashion statements and will be gone as soon as skinny jeans disappear.

Why is it relevant? Well, whether you are personally designing a site or paying someone else to do it – you need to know what to ask for. You will also need to consider how viable it is to adopt certain trends. For example, the trend of having “tweet this” or “like this” after everything may sound annoying, but it’s key for facilitating easy linkage between your site and your social networking. This is likely to stay forever. Even if the actually social networks change. The swing side to that, is if your business plans to refresh their web presence once every five years, you need to realise that adding the fashion in the style of your website is dangerous. In four years, when the fashion has completely changed, what do you do? Whereas if you are a graphic designer and like to change things each year – then, obviously you are more likely to introduce fashion into what you do.

One of the fashion trends of this year was ribbons and sleeves. Slipping in and out animations were also hot. That’s a special thanks to the increased popularity in HMTL5 users and the accessibility to such animations. Apple kinda pushed the designers in that direction after they brutally murder Macromedia Flash.

The minimalist approach was also fashionable and continues to be. Google played a key part in this, with the introduction of “new feel” Google Plus which carried across all the subsidiary sites. Our guess is that this fashion may stick around a bit longer than the rest. Although that’s just a hunch. Don;t base the next five years on our single statement!!

Then, how could we forget the steep increase in other web fonts. For years, designers have screamed at the screen in frustration when they have done everything they can with the hand-full of classic web-fonts that were the exclusive options for them. Suddenly, with the likes of Google Fonts, a whole new plaine has opened. The freedom of typography online has been set wild. This is more than a trend, this is a development in the field that will only ever expand into more and more web-available fonts.

It may not seem a lot. But it’s worth paying attention to these trends. Things to watch are 1) The big name (Google, Apple, Facebook), see what they do and how they act to changing trends; 2) Read design blogs – designers and techy’s alike all like to share their opinions on what’s hot; 3) Keep your ear to the ground, never forget the need to keep your website fresh and up-to-date with the culture it’s trying to attract!

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