SEO Basic Help

SEO Basic Help

To get started with SEO, I’ll just outline what it is that I see myself trying to achieve when working on a new website.

You may have heard me tell you before, but Google is not a search engine. Google is a relevance engine and therefore it does it’s best to return a set of results to it’s users based on the websites that it deems to be more relevant to the search query that is entered.

With this in mind, when we’re trying to manipulate Google’s algorithm, we’re trying to make our website appear more relevant that those of our competitors.

Relevance in Google comes in two forms which are both vital for a high ranking: authoritative and contextual relevance.

This might be a good time to talk about Google PageRank (PR) actually. While PR is a good indicator of a page’s authority, it doesn’t take into account the contextual relevance of a page at all. Therefore it’s possible to have a page with a high PR that doesn’t rank anywhere.

If it’s not ranking for any terms, it’s not receiving traffic from Google and therefore it’s useless.

SEO is only useful as, with good keyword research, it will result in traffic. So although ranking highly in Google is the aim, it’s always important to remember that the purpose of a high ranking is traffic to your website.

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