This social media website is probably less publicised and has a very different approach to some of the others out there. To be honest, it’s more of a tool that you can use within social media. Screenr hints in the name that it has something to do with the screen. True.

Screenr is a screencast software based online. You are able to “film” your screen as you perform simple tasks, tutorials, showing off or just for reference. From there, it will automatically add your screencast to your Screenr profile. The exciting bit is what comes next. With the help of Youtube, you can publish directly from Screenr to your Youtube channel. Brilliant, right?

As a company Quoakle has made good use of Screenr’s easy-to-use format.

It gets better. It’s completely free. The other month we had to record some footage of a computer and we ended up downloading some software that we were able to use on a trial basis for 30 days. After the 30 days, the software would have cost around £60. It did exactly the same as Screenr. That said, Screenr does offer a PRO version of the website membership which is primarily for businesses that want to brand their screencasts and/or share them within the website to business colleagues etc. The PRO membership is pretty pricey, but I guess that’s where they make their money. And if you are a business that needs this technology, the chances are it’s a worthwhile investment.

But what does this mean to Social Media? Well, not too much, other than the easy capacity to share tutorials and fun stuff from your desktop easily and quickly with a click of a few buttons. Check it out at